Facilitating the return of overseas Indonesians aspiring to participate in Indonesia’s digital ecosystem.

Mentoring & Support for Overseas Indonesians Returnees

A fellowship program for qualified overseas Indonesians, connecting them with entrepreneurial / professional opportunities in Indonesia.

Benefits of the Intudo Pulkam “S.E.A. Turtle” Fellowship program:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurship support, including potential financing and matching with possible co-founders
  • Access to career opportunities within the Intudo portfolio
  • Expanded network

Both recent grads and experienced professionals/entrepreneurs are welcome to apply.

What Pulkam “S.E.A. Turtle” Fellows Say

“Intudo has always been founder-friendly and supportive throughout the whole lifecycle of our business. Back in 2018, crypto had not garnered the global mindshare that it now has, let alone in Indonesia. But I had absolute conviction that crypto had a future, and Intudo helped us build especially key relationships with regulators, and with ecosystem partners that could upscale our distribution. Since then, we have played our part in paving the way for crypto to achieve great strides in Indonesia. This is in no short thanks to Intudo’s continuous conviction in us, even prior to a dollar of investment.”

Jeth Soetoyo

CEO & Founder, Pintu

“Intudo helped me build meaningful relationships with key stakeholders in Indonesia’s healthcare and biotech ecosystem, which significantly shaped Nalagenetics’ hypothesis and hope for the market. One of the most important aspects to this was the timing—they did so before investing in the company when I was still in business school. Their persistent intention and systematic approach in building a network of experts and thought leaders for tech talents coming home is important and essential work for the tech ecosystem in Indonesia.”

Levana Sani

Co-founder, Nalagetics

“Intudo helped and guided us countless times. From restructuring the company, expanding our team, to introducing us to countless prospective clients even before we signed any term sheet. Intudo provided us with amazing mentors from Silicon Valley, guiding us to become the company we’ve always wanted to be. They introduced us to clients across the financial sector, manufacturing, distribution firms, and many more. The team has also helped us in preparing better pitches, building decks, and making important hires. It is amazing to think that they have delivered so much value with such a lean and efficient team.”

Surya Halim

Co-Founder, Delman

Interested in Becoming an Intudo PULKAM “S.E.A. Turtle” Fellow?


We’d love to hear from you and how you envision contributing to the Indonesian digital ecosystem!

The program will be limited to prospective applicants who plan to return to Indonesia from overseas. Prospective fellows can apply to the program by providing color on their professional aspirations and how they envision contributing to the Indonesian tech ecosystem.