Facilitating the return of overseas Indonesians aspiring to participate in Indonesia’s digital ecosystem.

Mentoring & Support for Overseas Indonesians Returnees

A fellowship program for qualified overseas Indonesians, connecting them with entrepreneurial / professional opportunities in Indonesia.

Benefits of the Intudo Pulkam “S.E.A. Turtle” Fellowship program:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurship support, including potential financing and matching with possible co-founders
  • Access to career opportunities within the Intudo portfolio
  • Expanded network

Both recent grads and experienced professionals/entrepreneurs are welcome to apply.

What Pulkam “S.E.A. Turtle” Fellows Say

Interested in Becoming an Intudo PULKAM “S.E.A. Turtle” Fellow?


We’d love to hear from you and how you envision contributing to the Indonesian digital ecosystem!

The program will be limited to prospective applicants who plan to return to Indonesia from overseas. Prospective fellows can apply to the program by providing color on their professional aspirations and how they envision contributing to the Indonesian tech ecosystem.