iSeller is a pioneer of fully-integrated omnichannel platform, simplifying the commercial, operations, and payments processes for enterprises of any size


Suryanesia is a Solar-as-a-Service operator company that provides industrial and commercial clients access to clean energy


Delman is a data management SaaS company, focusing on streamlining of data integration, cleaning, and warehousing for businesses of varying data infrastructure complexities


Wahyoo is an end-to-end F&B enabler platform that provides supply chain solutions and Private Label brands for MSME eateries


Populix is a one-stop research and consumer insight platform, connecting businesses to regularly audited high-quality respondents across indonesia and to assist businesses of all sizes and industries make better data-driven decisions


Slice is a content creator management platform that serves brand agencies, talent managers, and creators, with a suite of tools that addresses administrative, efficiencies, and scalability painpoints .